Peter Turner Makes $420k in Three Weeks

Julius Recruits Jonathan Goodwin & Lloyd Shares New Magic

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This Week’s Top Stories 📬

→ Ellusionist is at it again on Kickstarter.

→ Lloyd Barnes vanishes a coin.

→ Jonathan Goodwin collabs with Julius.

Ellusionist & Peter Turner Raise $420k on Kickstarter.

Ellusionist is back on Kickstarter after huge projects like How To Be A Magician, How To Read Minds and not so huge projects like Fiddle Stick. Peter Turner comes across great, and I must say that the trailer for their How To Control Minds kit is extremely well executed.

The project just ended fully funded with a whopping $421,758 from 2,406 backers. Ellusionist is not the first company to harness Kickstarter to bring more eyes to a product they would likely have released on their own, and they’re very good at repeating this format every year.

I wonder how magicians feel about these powerful techniques being marketed on such a public platform as Kickstarter? Let me know your thoughts in the comments.

Ellusionist market the kit as “guerilla”, which the dictionary defines as acting aggressively and without official permission or approval.

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Lloyds pulls off some impressive sleight of hand coin magic…

A post shared by @oneaheadclub

Lloyd was the first person who messaged me when I started publishing magic videos on the internet over a decade ago. The first time we met, I told him I wanted to write magic for magicians full time, and he said wanted to create magic products for a big magic producer. I still can’t believe we’ve both been doing these things for seven years.

This coin vanish is a testament to why I keep an eye out for Lloyd’s magic. For someone who spends so much time devising gimmicks, he has impeccable taste for sleights and the drive to practice them for many years.

Lloyd’s coin vanish vid is a brilliant reminder that we should all be using sound as a tool. Teller teaches that the best lie is the one we tell ourselves, and sound is a great trigger for an audience to tell themselves a big fat lie.

Lloyd’s actions are motivated, like how he reaches into his pocket to grab the lighter and how he shows his hand empty… it’s just so chefs kiss.

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Here’s what paying subscribers got recently…

There are ten boxes that your idea for a magic product needs to tick to be a success. We break them down so you can apply them to your magic ideas and generate a million bucks…

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Jonathan Goodwin lifts off with Julius Dein…

Facebook magician, Julius Dein, began posting videos to his new FB playlist named JONATHAN GOODWIN ORIGINALS. Apparently, ALL CAPS are important in social media land.

Goodwin isn’t the first to jump on the Julius Dein powerhouse, and he certainly won’t be the last, especially when Goodwin’s first seven videos have landed him with 89.5 million views and 42 million followers.

Personally, I’m a huge Goodwin fan, and if this means he can spend an unlimited budget on new magic, I’m in.

It’s worth noting that Facebook massively inflates its view count by counting anything over three seconds as a view (even if the sound is off).

The number of people who actually watched more than 10% is a number only Julius and Goodwin, and Zuck can see.

One thing that doesn’t seem to be inflated is the potential to make huge returns on social video content.

Facebook, TikTok, Snapchat and YouTube are dumping money into the race to become the number one platform for short-form vertical video. YouTube will pay $100 million to creators using its TikTok competitor, shorts.

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