Justin Willman Tricks Jimmy Fallon

David Blaine's New Company & The Magic Circle Votes For...

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This Week’s Top Stories 📬

→ Justin Willman on Jimmy Fallon.

→ David Blaine launches a new company.

→ The Magic Circle’s new president.

Justin Willman Fools Fallon & The Roots

The face of Magic on Netflix and all-around lovely guy, Justin Willman, appeared on late-night this week. Willman joined Fallon and his late-night band, The Roots, for a magical game of darts during their visit to Luna Park in Coney Island, Brooklyn.

Justin is one to watch when it comes to talk-show spots. He has an incredible ability to take something that he’s worked in on tour and elevate it for the late-night setting.

If you’ve seen Willman’s live show, you might have seen this dart trick before. You’ll appreciate the many years he’s spent fine-tuning the routine and how effortlessly he can make it feel unique and original to his late-night appearance.

David Blaine Launches A New Company

Blaine’s new company, Red Black Inc, launched this week with a new signed playing card set. If you’re wondering why they gave it the mouthful of a name, Red Black Inc — safe to assume Red and Black were the only two words that fit into David Blaine’s db logo. They also switch between calling it Red Black and Red Blk, which I want to assume is intentional??

Due to the pandemic, shipping was restricted to the USA only — but that didn’t stop the sets from ultimately selling out in under an hour (grossing a sweet, sweet $112k).

If I sound bitter about the unusual Red Black Inc company name choice, please know that it’s likely just because my postal address is not within the USA.

Here’s what paying subscribers got last week…

I’m going to teach you how to make a bolt of lightning strike. An actual bolt of lighting — for real — striking the ground wherever you like at the exact moment you choose. By sharing this with you, I hope to share how many of the most incredible TV magic stunts get conceived. One reader commented,

“This idea is nuts! If someone doesn’t do it in a few years, then I will try 😂.”

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Magic Circle Elects Female President

The Magic Circle has been in the news around the world this week after electing a new president. Congrats to Megan Swann, who is the Circle’s youngest-ever president and the first female president in the club’s history.

Megan put in the time to reach the position, having been the acting president and vice president in the past year and the youngest/first female officer back in 2014.

Worth noting just how amazing it is to see a woman heading up the Circle.

In The UK…

1914 - Britain gets its first policewomen.

1928 - All women are allowed to vote the same as men.

1956 - Rose Heilbron is the first female judge.

1970 - An Equal Pay Act was passed.

1973 - Women can join the stock exchange.

1976 - Mary Langdon is the first female firefighter.

1991 - The Magic Circle starts accepting female members.

Magic has a lot to answer for, and 1991 was obviously way too late, but thirty years on, it’s nice to see Megan inspiring others.

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