Fool Us Viewing Figures Revealed?!

Neil Patrick Harris' New Venture & Magic Castle Treehouses

OMG. We made it to the one month mark. This is the fourth ever Top Stories: your weekly magic round-up. Hello to the 30 new subs who join 1,578 dedicated magicians this week. Keep sharing these with your magic mates. Let’s go…

This Week’s Top Stories 📬

→ Fool Us is back with a new season.

→ One Magician’s pandemic pivot.

→ NPH launches a rival newsletter.

Fool Us Is Back, And The Ratings Are In

Fool Us, the show that’s very good at making Penn and Teller look very good, is back on telly with a new season. Eight seasons in TV land is an unbelievable achievement. The premiere pulled a 100k rating in the 18-49 demographic, with 713k total viewers.

These numbers might come as a surprise if you’re used to seeing Fool Us clips rack up millions of views on YouTube, I wrote an article about this and why AGT loves magic earlier this year. Congrats on a new season, and good luck to the featured magicians.

Magic Castle Magician Conjures Up Treehouses

ABC shared a heartwarming story this week about magician Eric Buss; when LA's iconic Magic Castle closed during the pandemic, Eric found his artistic passion in a higher place — building treehouses.

"I built my son a treehouse for his eighth birthday. I took pictures, put them on Facebook, and then word caught on. Everyone started wanting tree houses," he said. "When I learned that I could do something else that actually fed my soul and made me happy, it was eye-opening," said Buss. "And as sad as it was to lose all my magic gigs, I literally thought, 'wait a minute, I could do other things that make me completely happy'."

I try to share a mix of industry stories and magic news on Top Stories. This caught my eye because it highlights one of the very many ways magicians adapted their skill set through the pandemic.

Here’s what paying subscribers got last week…

I sent out trick decks worth £30 all across the world for free as a thank you gift to paying subscribers. I also sent candy. Magicians seemed to enjoy them.

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Neil Patrick Harris Launches A Rival Newsletter

Magician Neil Patrick Harris just launched his new venture—Wondercade. As The Hollywood Reporter puts it; NPH is jumping on the newsletter trend. His new site explains:

Wondercade is a carnival of comforts. A cabinet of curiosities. A circus of the senses. More specifically, Wondercade is a weekly missive in which the worlds of food and drink, design, entertainment and experiences all gloriously collide, highlighting locations, tastemakers and artifacts that I find interesting or inspiring and hope you will, too.

I have literally no idea what any of that means, but I do know I never want to play scrabble with Neil’s copywriter. The launch video is a fun watch, with an unexpected illusion from the mind of Blake Vogt, shot by theory11’s Ran Pink. If you want to give NPH your data, you can do so here. Also, please take a look at (I helped produce it, and I’m biased, and it’s brilliant).

You’re All Caught Up ✅

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