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Andy Nyman's New Project & TikTok Magicians Selling B#$%*?!

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This Week’s Top Stories 📬

  • Derren Brown’s special request.

  • TikTok Magicians become authors.

  • Andy Nyman launches convention.

Derren wants a personal object of yours…

Derren is at his very best on stage. His one-man shows have received wide critical acclaim and more Olivier wins and nominations than any other in history.

Now with his first brand new theatre show in six years, he returns to astonish and amaze audiences up and down the country. The content of Showman remains a closely-guarded secret, but if you’ve seen him before, you know you’re in for a powerhouse treat.

“All I can reveal at this point is that the show will ultimately be about you, the audience member because that’s what I find most interesting. There are places I’d like to take you where we haven’t been before. I always aim to have it deliver more than you’d expect. I’m excited to be at the starting point of that process. Getting it on the road will be my favourite part of the year.” – Derren Brown.

Derren is being true to his word and has begun sharing promotional videos for each step of the tour. He’s seen each video in a rehearsal room, encouraging theatre-goers to bring a small personal object with them. The item must fit inside their hands and be of personal significance.

Are you off to see Derren on tour, or have you been already? Let us all know.

TikTok Star, Ash Magic, with 7mil followers, publishes magic book

I’ll be honest; when I saw that Ash Magic released a book with Penguin, I did check if they meant Penguin the magic company, or Penguin the big fancy book publisher. It turns out it was the latter, and Ash isn’t the only TikTok magician releasing a book — Joel M’s debut book, Make Your Own Magic, is available to pre-order, too. Watch the interview with Ash here.

Something I often hear said about magicians blowing up on social platforms is, “Well, they couldn’t sell tickets to a live show, could they?” My first response is yes, actually, yes they can. My second response is, they don’t need to.

Social media magicians have multiple revenue streams, like follower tips, Adsense, brand partnerships and merch. And while the majority of TikTokers struggle to choose their merch (it usually ends up being coffee or t-shirts), these hard-working TikTok magicians are smart enough to dive into magic books for a bunch of great reasons.

Here’s what paying subscribers got recently…

Look, some of these posts reveal principles that consultants utilise often — this was one of those posts, and it caused some controversy. So, try to keep these secrets safe and use them with a smug sense of superiority…

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Andy & Preston Nyman launch a brand new magic convention happening soon

Andy Nyman, co-writer and co-director of Derren Brown’s stage shows, has launched a convention with his son, Preston. It’s a brand new, one-day convention that brings you three excellent lectures from British Magic Stars - Guy Hollingworth, Chris Power and Marc Kerstein. There’s also a close-up competition…

'The London Close-up Magic Competition' where someone will win the ‘Anthony Owen Trophy’ and the highly coveted title of ‘London Close-up Magic Champion’. As if that isn't enough, there will of course be the cream of british magic dealers and an evening show to ensure you leave the day on a high.

I love Preston, and I love Andy, so I will be there and look forward to catching up with friends. I’m very much hoping that this will fill the void left in London in the years since the final International Magic Convention. I also like the venue they chose and that area of London, and I suppose Marc Kerstein is alright, too.

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