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Hello, Curious Magician — I’m Rory. I write magic for talented humans like Dynamo, Troy, Justin Willman, & Neil Patrick Harris. I’ve travelled the world for the past decade writing on television shows like Netflix’s Magic For Humans, ITV’s The Next Great Magician, & JSBC’s The Amazing Magicians.

Now, I’m writing about writing magic in this weekly newsletter. I’ll share closely-guarded magic consulting secrets like dual-reality, pre-show, mic-checks and instant-stooging. I’ll break down TV magic shortcuts and reveal what really goes on behind the scenes of your favourite magic shows.

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Here are some of my favourite posts:

The Magic Newsletter
Did Rick Lax Change Magic & The Internet Forever?
Magic is always one step ahead. Before there were touch screen TV’s, magicians were prodding their televisions with carefully timed clips to create an illusion of the future. And so on… But when it comes to internet virality, magic is often one step behind…
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The Magic Newsletter
Perform Colour Match for $5
I rarely suggest electronic methods when I’m TV consulting. This may be a surprise to learn if you know I was one of the co-founders of Nobody Knows—who made that electric watch. Unless when electronics are the very best method for the trick—like a magic watch or every…
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The Magic Newsletter
Copperfield Patented This Illusion
Every week, I send paying subscribers a magic Breakdown. Today, I’m introducing a new series called Patent Dive. We’re going to deep dive into a bunch of magic and illusion patents. There’s going to be historic, unexpected, rare and impossible inventions to explore…
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